Brome Recycling Centre CLOSED

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Brome Recycling Centre CLOSED

Vacancy for a Parish Clerk

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Vacancy for a Parish Clerk

Earlsford Road closed from 18 Jan - 26 Feb 2016

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Earlsford Road closed from 18 Jan - 26 Feb 2016



Since the Parish elections in May 2015, when just four  parish councillors were nominated and elected, we have worked hard to recruit three more councillors and now have a full council of seven.  Your Parish Councillors are Simon Cairns (Chair), Hilary Butler (Vice Chair), Carol Winmill, Mike Winmill, Rowland Warboys, Georgina Ross and Paul Sullivan. From 11 February 2016 until further notice Cllr Hilary Butler, will be acting as our parish clerk. She can be contacted on 01379 783432 during normal office hours only please or email the Council .

Email details for individual councillors are available HERE. The Clerk to the Council is a part time post but we aim to respond to any messages or emails as soon as possible.

Since the new Council was formed in June 2015 we have undertaken a full review of all Council policies and procedures. At the request of a resident a new dog waste bin has been installed in Earlsford Road. We are looking to introduce an Emergency Plan for the Parish; to reinvigorate the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme; and to consider how we can use Newstead Land for the benefit of residents.  The Parish Council has also joined forces with Suffolk Wildlife Trust to improve the eastern side of Mellis Common by planting more hedging and trees along the eastern boundary and to eventually restore the ponds; one pond is scheduled for restoration in late summer 2016.  Funding for this project has been obtained from the Eye Turbine s106 fund, which the developers pay into so that affected communities can use these monies for mitigation and environmental benefits.  A grant of £500 has been made to Mellis Memorial Hall towards the cost of the ongoing replacement of the old wooden windows and doors at the Hall and grants totalling £1000 have been made to Mellis Parochial Church Council towards maintenance of the Parish burial ground.  Works required included extensive tree surgery in the burial area for health and safety reasons along with the annual grass and hedge cutting.

The Parish Council website has been redesigned and full details of all Council meetings, agendas and minutes, can be found on it along with other useful information on the page titled "Parish Council".

Unfortunately the Parish Council noticeboard in Earlsford Road suffered terminal damage during 2015 and was removed.  It was decided that the cost of replacing it, something in excess of £1000, was too high.  The Parish Council now shares the Memorial Hall noticeboard and copies of agendas and other Parish Council info can also be found there. 

Details of the Parish Precept (the parish portion of the Council Tax) for 2016/17 are available on the Finance page.

The Parish Council would like to see the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme reintroduced in Mellis.  We are very lucky in that crime in this area is fairly low but we are not immune and an effective Neighbourhood Watch Scheme can help to make residents aware of any issues in the area.  Is there anyone in the Parish that would like to help us set up a scheme?  Please contact our Parish Clerk if you are interested.

All parishes are being encouraged by Mid Suffolk and Suffolk County councils to have an emergency plan.  The risks we face as a community are fairly small but while not wishing to frighten anyone we do have the main line railway run through the middle of the parish; frequently military and commercial aircraft fly overhead; the unpredictable changes in weather patterns seem to bring with them more high winds and heavy rainfall than ever before.  There is probably only an outside chance of anything happening but if it does we need to be in a position to support the emergency services or more importantly to be able to cope in the event that a wider area is affected by severe weather.A Volunteer Skills form can be downloaded from the Emergency Planning page on the Council website.  We would really welcome your assistance please complete the form and return it to our Parish Clerk.


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